ASPIRE Contoured Padded Overlay

SKU: WCA848325

Size: 300 mm Wide

300 mm Wide
350mm Wide
400mm Wide
450mm Wide
500mm Wide
570mm Wide
610mm Wide

Enhance your wheelchair's comfort with our Contoured Padded Overlays. Designed for a perfect fit, these overlays not only add an appealing aesthetic but also provide an exceptionally comfortable seating surface. Trust Move Mobility, the experts in mobility aids, to prioritize your comfort and satisfaction. Click here to ensure this accessory fits your specific wheelchair model. Warranty Information 1 Year

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Length: 45 cm (17.7 inches)
Width: Available in various sizes:
300 mm (11.8 inches)
350 mm (13.8 inches)
400 mm (15.7 inches)
450 mm (17.7 inches)
500 mm (19.7 inches)
570 mm (22.4 inches)
610 mm (24 inches)
Cover: Breathable, moisture-wicking fabric (likely nylon or polyester blend)
Padding: High-density foam for pressure relief and comfort
Contoured design: Provides ergonomic support and promotes proper posture
Improved pressure distribution: Reduces pressure points and helps prevent skin breakdown
Increased comfort: Offers additional padding for better seating experience
Machine washable cover: Easy to clean and maintain
Compatible with Aspire Evoke 2 Wheelchair range: Designed to fit specifically on these wheelchairs, but might also be compatible with other wheelchairs with similar dimensions.