ASPIRE Elevating Legrest

ASPIRE Elevating Legrest

SKU: WCA848120

Size: Left - 450/460/500/510mm

Left - 450/460/500/510mm
Right - 450/460/500/510mm
Left - 570/610mm
Right 570/610mm

Enhance the functionality and user experience of your Aspire Manual Wheelchair with our exceptional range of accessories. Designed to fit your specific wheelchair model, these accessories are expertly crafted to ensure optimal performance and comfort. Explore our collection and discover the perfect addition to elevate your mobility. Click here to find the accessory that perfectly complements your wheelchair.


Product: Aspire Elevating Legrest (Left)
Brand: Aspire
Compatibility: Designed to fit Aspire manual wheelchair models
Purpose: Provides leg elevation and support, designed to improve comfort and circulation
Adjustable Height: The legrest can be adjusted to four different heights (450mm, 460mm, 500mm, and 510mm) for customized positioning.
Swing-away and Removable: The legrest can be swung away or completely removed for easy transfers and storage.
Padded Calf Pad: Provides cushioning and support for the lower leg.
Elevating mechanism: Allows for individual leg positioning and improved comfort.
Adjustable angle: The angle of the legrest can be adjusted to provide optimal support and comfort for the user.
Left legrest: Designed for the left side of the wheelchair.
Padded calf support: Provides additional comfort and pressure relief.
Easy attachment and removal: Attaches and detaches from the wheelchair frame using mounting brackets (usually included).