ASPIRE Lateral Support Adjustable

ASPIRE Lateral Support Adjustable


Enhance your shower commode experience with our Width and Height Adjustable Thoracic Positioning and Lumbar Spine Support. Designed to fit all Aspire Shower Commodes (except BTC061200, BTC068010 & BTC068020), this adaptable clamp can also be used with other shower commode brands. Move Mobility's expertise ensures optimal comfort and support, making your daily routine easier and more enjoyable. Upgrade your mobility aid today.



Provides adjustable support and stability for the user's torso and lumbar spine.
Helps maintain proper posture while seated in a wheelchair.

Adjustable width and height: Allows for customization to fit the user's specific needs and body size.
Breathable mesh fabric: Ensures user comfort and prevents heat build-up.
Padded support: Offers additional comfort and pressure relief.
Right-sided assembly: Designed for use on the right side of the wheelchair (a left-sided version might also be available).
Easy attachment and removal: Attaches and detaches from the wheelchair frame using straps or brackets (depending on the model).