ASPIRE Rear Wheels Drum Brakes Kit Wheelchair Upgrade

ASPIRE Rear Wheels Drum Brakes Kit Wheelchair Upgrade

SKU: WCA848500

Size: 24 Inch

24 Inch

Enhance your wheelchair's performance with our Upgrade Kit. Designed for the Evoke 2, Evoke Jnr, Rehab RX, Rehab RX Jnr, and Rehab RS models, this kit empowers attendants with greater control on sloped surfaces. Trust Move Mobility's expertise to provide you with the perfect accessory for your specific wheelchair model. Elevate your mobility experience today.


Compatibility: This kit is designed for 24-inch manual wheelchairs. However, it is important to confirm compatibility with your specific wheelchair model before purchasing. You can do this by checking the user manual or contacting the wheelchair manufacturer.
Material: The wheels are likely made of aluminum or steel, and the brakes are likely made of metal and plastic.
Color: The wheels are typically black, and the brakes may also be black or silver.
Weight: The weight of the kit will vary depending on the specific model of wheelchair, but it is typically around 5-7 kg (11-15 lbs).
Includes two 24-inch rear wheels with drum brakes
Improves braking performance and safety
Easy to install (usually with basic tools)
May also include mounting hardware (depending on the specific kit)