ASPIRE Safety Lap Belt Metal Seatbelt Buckle

ASPIRE Safety Lap Belt Metal Seatbelt Buckle


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Product: Aspire Safety Lap Belt with Metal Seatbelt Buckle
Brand: Aspire
Purpose: Provides additional safety and security for users seated in wheelchairs by preventing them from slipping out.

Metal seatbelt buckle: Ensures secure fastening and release.
Adjustable length: Allows for customization to fit various waist sizes.
Easy to use: Simple buckle mechanism for easy operation.
Compatible: Designed to fit most Aspire manual wheelchairs, although confirmation with your specific model is crucial.
Additional Information:

Webbing: Information not readily available, but likely nylon or polyester for strength and durability.
Buckle: Likely steel for added strength.
Weight: Not readily available online.
Warranty: Information may vary depending on the retailer or distributor.