BETTERLIVING Bed Rail Protectors Large Pair

BETTERLIVING Bed Rail Protectors Large Pair

SKU: NBL525416

Enhance safety and comfort with our Soft Cushions for Metal Bed Rails. Expertly designed by Move Mobility, these medical-grade foam cushions protect limbs from accidental bumps and entanglements. The lightweight stretch cover ensures a snug fit, while the easy secure Velcro closure guarantees hassle-free installation. Available in two sizes, Standard and Large, these cushions are compatible with most bed rails. Sold in pairs, they are a must-have addition to any bed for added peace of mind.

ARTG Number: 278802
Australian Standards:
Warranty: 2 Years

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Qty: 2 (sold in pairs)
Height (Folded): 335 mm (standard) / 490 mm (large)
Width: 670 mm (standard) / 980 mm (large)
Length: 1260 mm (standard) / 1580 mm (large)
Thickness: 25 mm
Material: Medical-grade foam
2 years