BETTERLIVING Convoluted Ring Cushion

BETTERLIVING Convoluted Ring Cushion


This one-piece, puncture-proof cushion conforms to the body's contours, specifically targeting pressure points that can cause discomfort in the tailbone area. The convoluted surface enhances skin ventilation, making it an excellent choice for individuals with heightened skin sensitivity. Crafted from durable convoluted foam rubber, the unique ring design effectively suspends the vulnerable tailbone and coccyx region in the central cavity, providing pressure-free comfort during extended periods of sitting. The "eggshell" design minimises the risk of pressure injuries, making it ideal for various conditions such as postnatal or postoperative discomfort, hemorrhoids, hip bursitis, coccyx or prostate inflammation, and more. The BetterLiving Convoluted Ring Cushion comes complete with a lightweight stretch cover, ensuring added comfort, hygiene, and easy cleaning. The cover is easily removable and machine washable, offering convenience and practicality for everyday use.


Height: 90 mm (3.5 inches)
Width: 370 mm (14.6 inches)
Depth: 450 mm (17.7 inches)
Weight: 160 g (5.6 oz)

Cushion: One-piece, puncture-proof, convoluted foam rubber
Cover: Lightweight, stretch fabric (likely a blend of nylon and polyester)

Convoluted surface: Enhances air circulation and reduces skin contact, minimizing moisture build-up and promoting comfort.
Donut shape: Relieves pressure on the coccyx and tailbone area, particularly beneficial for individuals with post-natal discomfort, hemorrhoids, or other pain in that region.
Portable and lightweight: Easy to carry and use on various chairs, promoting comfort wherever you sit.
Machine washable cover: Easy to clean and maintain hygiene.