BETTERLIVING Safety Underlay Air Mattress

BETTERLIVING Safety Underlay


Move Mobility's Safety Underlay and Alternating Pressure Surfaces offer a cost-effective solution for preventing and managing pressure-related injuries, making them ideal for home care or aged care environments.

These products are suitable for individuals at risk of high-risk pressure injuries. One key feature is their "bottoming out" protection, which safeguards against pressure overlay failure. The underlay, crafted with a nylon cover and stitched seams, adds an extra layer of security. Simplicity is emphasized, as these products are designed for ease of use and minimal maintenance. They are straightforward to set up, operate, clean, and maintain. Quality is a priority, with all products conforming to Australian standards and manufactured using premium materials.

Stringent Quality Control inspections and regular testing ensure reliability. The Safety Underlay can be positioned beneath a mattress overlay or replacement system, reducing the risk of "bottoming out" in case of overlay pressure failure. This 50mm foam underlay can be rotated and flipped to extend mattress life. It's important to note that the Safety Underlay is not intended for standalone use but serves as a valuable addition to pressure relief systems.

Key Features

  • Pressure Injury Prevention: Designed to prevent and manage pressure-related injuries, these products are particularly suitable for individuals at high risk of pressure injuries.
  • "Bottoming Out" Protection: Provides an extra layer of protection against "bottoming out" in case of pressure overlay failure. Safeguards the user from discomfort and potential skin issues.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly, with straightforward setup, operation, cleaning, and maintenance procedures. Caregivers and users can easily manage them without extensive training.
  • Ideal for Home and Aged Care: Cost-effective solutions suitable for both home care and aged care environments, ensuring that individuals receive the necessary pressure injury prevention and management.
  • Versatility: 50mm foam underlay that can be rotated and flipped to extend the life of a mattress overlay or replacement system. Versatility adds value to the overall pressure relief system.
  • Quality and Safety: Manufactured using premium materials and undergo stringent Quality Control inspections and regular testing to ensure reliability and safety.

Keeping Australia Moving


Length: 1960 mm
Width: 865 mm
Thickness: 50 mm
As per accompanying air pressure mattress or overlay used
2 years
ARTG Number: 176837
Australian Standards: N/A