BETTERLIVING Silicone Fibre Overlay

BETTERLIVING Silicone Fibre Overlay


This unique BetterLiving® Silicone Fibre Overlay makes any bed more comfortable and promotes good sleep while helping to protect all areas of the body that are vulnerable to pressure injury.

An ideal choice for geriatric and palliative care, this soft overly is made from silicone-coated cylindrical fibres covered by a breathable cotton/polyester cover. These fibres are specially designed to retain their loft and will not flatten with prolonged use. The cylindrical shape helps to keep air flowing around the skin's surface, keeping the skin healthy and helping to regulate the user's temperature. Offering good support and superior comfort, the special silicone coating also helps to reduce friction and shear two factors that significantly contribute to the risk of a pressure injuries. The silicone coating also helps to stop moisture from sweat or other bodily fluids from penetrating the mattress.

Covered with a breathable cotton/polyester fabric, the mattress overlay is flame retardant and machine washable with standard detergent. Pressure injuries can occur when someone sits or lies for too long in one position without moving or shifting their weight. Blood vessels take oxygen and nutrients to every part of the body, including the skin. Constant pressure in one area means that blood and nutrients are not able to reach the skin in this area. Tissue that is deprived of oxygen and other nutrients for even a short period of time will eventually die. This can lead to very serious complications, and cause great pain and suffering to patients.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Bed Comfort: Uniquely designed to make any bed more comfortable, promoting restful sleep while protecting vulnerable areas from pressure injuries.
  • Silicone-Coated Cylindrical Fibres: Soft overlay made from silicone-coated cylindrical fibres that retain loft, ensuring no flattening with prolonged use.
  • Breathable Cover: Covered by a breathable cotton/polyester fabric, fostering air circulation to keep the skin healthy and regulate the user's temperature.
  • Airflow Design: Cylindrical shape facilitates air flow around the skin's surface, promoting skin health and temperature regulation.
  • Friction and Shear Reduction: Special silicone coating reduces friction and shear, significantly lowering the risk of pressure injuries.
  • Moisture Resistance: Silicone coating prevents moisture from sweat or bodily fluids from penetrating the mattress overlay.
  • Flame Retardant and Machine Washable: Covered with a flame-retardant, machine-washable cotton/polyester fabric for hygiene and easy maintenance.

Keeping Australia Moving


Width: 910 mm
Length: 1900 mm
Height: 100 mm
Suitable for standard single bed mattresses
Material: Cotton/Polyester cover and Silicone-Coated Cylindrical Fibres
Maximum user weight: 100 kg
ARTG Number: 176835