BodyPoint - 4-Point Padded Hip Belts


Hip Belt Size: S32 - 32cm

S32 - 32cm
S38 - 38cm
M36 - 36cm
M40 - 40cm
M46 - 46cm
L62 - 62cm
L82 - 82cm
L92 - 92cm

The 4-Point Padded Hip Belts from Bodypoint are designed to offer secure and comfortable positioning support for wheelchair users. These belts feature padded straps that wrap around the hips, providing stability and preventing users from slipping or sliding out of their wheelchairs.

With four attachment points, these hip belts ensure a secure fit without compromising the user's freedom of movement. The padded design enhances comfort, while adjustable straps allow for a customized fit to accommodate individual needs.

These hip belts are suitable for use with wheelchairs and other mobility devices, providing reliable support and promoting safety during daily activities.

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Versatile design of the secondary strap attachments allow for anchoring the belt above or in front of the pelvis
Closed-cell foam in our pads is highly resilient and has great pressure distribution properties
Exclusive D-ring design is deeper for larger hand sizes and stays in place for easier grasping
Wrinkle-free, soft fabric lining gives users comfort with great durability