BREEZY Forearm Crutches

BREEZY Forearm Crutches


Size: Adult/Medium

Adult Tall/Large

Introducing our lightweight and durable Forearm Crutches, expertly designed by Move Mobility. With a secure cuff fitting and adjustable height options, these crutches cater to a wide range of users. The 22mm ferrule ensures stability, while the product weight of 600g (each) guarantees ease of use. Choose from three sizes based on user height, including Youth Small (1230-1640mm), Adult Medium (1480-1860mm), and Adult Tall (1740-2040mm). Trust Move Mobility for top-quality mobility aids that prioritize your comfort and mobility.
22 mm 

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General Features:

Material: Typically lightweight aluminum for durability and portability.
Handgrip: Designed for comfort and grip, often made of plastic or rubber.
Arm Cuff: Provides support and comfort, usually made of plastic or padded material.
Height Adjustment: Most models offer adjustable height to ensure proper fit.
Rubber Ferrules: Provide traction and stability at the bottom of the crutches.

Size: BREEZY Forearm Crutches come in various sizes, including Youth, Adult Medium, Adult Tall, and Extra Large. Each size caters to different user heights and weight capacities.
Weight Capacity: Varies depending on the model and size, typically ranging from 100kg to 180kg (220 lbs to 397 lbs).
Folding Mechanism: Some models offer a folding mechanism for easier storage and transportation.
Additional Features: Some models might include features like double adjustment (adjusting both handgrip and cuff height), latex-free materials, and ergonomic designs.