BREEZY Gutter Forearm Crutches

BREEZY Gutter Forearm Crutches


Introducing the Ergonomic Forearm Crutches, perfect for individuals with limited hand or wrist strength. Crafted with a lightweight tubular aluminium stem and a padded vinyl covered gutter, these crutches prioritize your comfort. Designed specifically for users with arthritis or an impaired grip, they feature a forearm trough that evenly distributes your weight over a large support area. The adjustable telescopic handle rotates 360 degrees and locks to accommodate your individual forearm length. With a 25mm ferrule and a weight of only 950g each, these crutches offer both stability and convenience. Trust Move Mobility, your expert in mobility aids, to provide you with the best solutions for your needs.
25 mm 

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Arthritis or other conditions affecting grip strength due to the unique "gutter" design that offers enhanced forearm support.
Users requiring adjustable height for a proper fit.
Here are the key specifications of the BREEZY Gutter Forearm Crutches:

Material: High-quality, lightweight aluminum for durability and ease of use.
Weight: 950 grams (approximately 2.1 lbs) per crutch.
Height Adjustment: Adjustable height range of 980 mm to 1235 mm (38.58 inches to 48.62 inches).
Handgrip: Padded handgrip for comfort and secure hold.
Arm Cuff: Padded forearm trough with "gutter" design for enhanced support and reduced pressure on arthritic hands.
Folding Mechanism: No folding mechanism.
Weight Capacity: 127 kg (approximately 280 lbs).
Latex-free: All materials are latex-free, suitable for individuals with latex allergies.