The Comfort Gel wheelchair cushion from Comfort Company is designed to provide superior comfort and support for wheelchair users. This cushion features a combination of high-quality foam and gel inserts, offering excellent pressure relief and reducing the risk of pressure sores.

The gel inserts are strategically placed to provide targeted support to sensitive areas, while the foam base ensures overall stability and durability. Additionally, the cushion comes with a breathable cover that helps regulate temperature and moisture, keeping the user comfortable throughout the day.

With its advanced design and premium materials, the Comfort Gel cushion offers reliable support and comfort for individuals spending extended periods in a wheelchair.

Comfort Gel Dimensions

5/8" thick cushion
Solace cover is easily wiped clean
Utilizes a unique formation to prevent heat buildup and reduce shear forces in a low profile design
Optional foam layer is added to the Comfort Gel/Foam cushion to increase user's support and provide comfort
Kwik Straps prevent the cushion from moving and provides a handle to carry the cushion