The M2 ATI wheelchair cushion from Comfort Company is designed to provide superior support and comfort for wheelchair users. This cushion features a multi-layered foam construction, including a layer of viscoelastic foam for enhanced pressure redistribution and comfort.

The M2 ATI cushion also incorporates an innovative air-foam interface that allows for customizable immersion and pressure relief. The cushion's contoured shape and anatomically designed pelvic well help to promote proper posture and alignment while sitting.

Additionally, the cushion comes with a breathable cover that helps to regulate temperature and moisture, keeping the user comfortable throughout the day. With its advanced design and high-quality materials, the M2 ATI cushion offers an excellent solution for individuals seeking optimal support and comfort in their wheelchair.

Tapered adductors increase in width near the rear of the cushion to give support to the greater trochanters.
Deep lateral and medial leg contours promote postural alignment.
Coccyx relief cutout reduces pressure on the tailbone and spine.
Non-skid bottom fabric offers hook and loop attachment.
Constructed with dual density foam, a molded foam base, and Quadra3D® Gel pack.
Moldable ATI base allows for on-site customization to effectively meet the needs of the user. The dynamic nature of input provides positioning support while allowing for movement. The ATI base can be remolded to meet changes in both physical and functional needs.