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Cushion Styles: Saddle Wedge

Saddle Wedge
Saddle Zero Elevation
Saddle Anti-thrust
The Saddle wheelchair cushion from Comfort Company is specifically designed to provide exceptional comfort and support for wheelchair users. This cushion features a unique saddle-shaped design that helps to distribute pressure evenly across the seating surface, reducing the risk of pressure sores and discomfort.

Constructed with high-quality foam, the Saddle cushion ensures stability and durability. Its ergonomic shape promotes proper posture and alignment, enhancing overall comfort during prolonged periods of sitting.

Additionally, the cushion comes with a breathable cover that helps regulate temperature and moisture, ensuring user comfort throughout the day. With its innovative design and premium materials, the Saddle cushion offers reliable support and comfort for wheelchair users.


  • ZERO ELEVATION - The Saddle Zero Elevation allows for greater freedom of movement for standard positioning issues.
  • ANTI-THRUST - The Saddle Anti-Thrust provides anterior buildup at midline to prevent forward ischial migration.
  • WEDGE - The Saddle Wedge controls forward leaning by adding slight anterior height.

Saddle Dimensions

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