The Permobil F3 is a compact front-wheel-drive power wheelchair crafted for maneuvering in tight spaces, featuring innovative ActiveHeight and ActiveReach tilt technology.

Compact yet Powerful: The F3 Corpus boasts the smallest footprint among the F-series front-wheel-drive power wheelchairs. Its small size and agility enable users to effortlessly navigate tight spaces.

Benefit from a low center of gravity, optimized weight distribution, and robust high-efficiency motors, ensuring enhanced base stability, obstacle climbing, and chair responsiveness.

Experience the renowned Corpus® ergonomic seating system, offering power positioning with legrest elevation from 85° to 180°, power recline up to 180°, and a posterior tilt of 50°.

Enjoy superior ride comfort and performance with ComfortRide™ Suspension, providing exceptional vibration reduction across various driving scenarios.

Seamlessly adjust seat height and forward tilt with ActiveHeight™ elevation and ActiveReach™ forward tilt, offering up to 12 inches of vertical adjustment and 30° of forward tilt capability.

Stay comfortable and protected with Stretch-Air covers, featuring breathable, moisture-resistant fabric material.

Access essential wheelchair information hands-free through the MyPermobil app, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, ensuring convenient access to vital features and functions.

Keeping Australia Moving


Brand: Permobil
Drive Wheel Configuration: Front Wheel Drive
Weight Capacity: 150 kg
Transit Approved: Yes
Transport Weight: 175 kg
Max Speed: 10 km/h
Base Width: 61 cm
Base Length: 91 cm (102 cm with anti tips)
Paediatric Seating: No
Seat Width Range: 43 cm – 58 cm
Seat Depth Range: 36 cm – 56 cm
Seat To Floor Height Range: 44.5 cm – 49.5 cm
Posterior Tilt Option: 0° – 50°
Anterior Tilt Option: 5°, 10°, 20° & 30°
Recline Option: 85° – 175°
Legrest Elevation Option: 85° – 170°
Seat Elevation Option: 30 cm
Power Standing Option: No