Crutch Elbow Double Adjustable Walking Stick

CAREQUIP Crutch Elbow Double Adjustable Walking Stick


Discover the perfect blend of stability and comfort with Move Mobility's Custom Comfort Aluminum Cane. Expertly crafted with lightweight aluminum, this cane features an adjustable cuff and height for tailored support. The ergonomically molded plastic handgrip ensures a secure, comfortable hold, while the 22mm tip size provides reliable traction. Trust in our expertise to enhance your mobility with ease and confidence.

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Max. User Weight: 180kg
Material: They are typically made of lightweight aluminum, making them easy to maneuver and transport.
Adjustability: They have two points of adjustment:
The height of the handgrip can be adjusted to ensure proper elbow bend (typically 90 degrees) and proper arm position.
The depth of the cuff can be adjusted to fit comfortably around the forearm.
Handgrip: The handgrips are usually made of rubber or another soft material for comfort and grip.
Base: The bottom of the crutch has a rubber ferrule to provide traction and prevent slipping.