EASI-GRIP Chiropodist Scissors

EASI-GRIP Chiropodist Scissors


"Easi-Grip Chiropodist Scissors: Enhanced Control for Precision Cutting"

Discover the ease of trimming with our Easi-Grip Chiropodist Scissors, expertly designed for those who value precision and comfort. The innovative long loop handles enable full-hand control, perfect for individuals with limited grip strength. With an extended shank to minimize the need for bending, these scissors are a testament to Move Mobility's commitment to accessible solutions. The angled, slightly serrated stainless steel blades ensure a non-slip cutting experience, making them a reliable choice for meticulous grooming. Trust in Move Mobility for high-quality, user-friendly mobility aids.

Use these long handle chiropody scissors to cut your toe nails with less bending
Overall length 20 cm, blade length 3 cm, angled blade offers a good cutting position
Long loop handle allows the whole hand to be used when cutting, extended shank provides extra reach if you have difficulty bending
Slightly serrated blade of podiatrist scissors prevents nails from slipping during use
Easy to grip scissors are ideal for people with weak grasp who need to control the scissors, including the elderly

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Overall Length: 200 mm
Blade Length: 30 mm
Blade Type: Pointed
Weight: 55 g