ETAC Flex Grab Rails Bathroom Grab Rails

ETAC Flex Grab Rails Bathroom Grab Rails

SKU: '81707310

Size: Screw Mounted 30cm

Screw Mounted 30cm

Colour: Grey


Introducing our Safe Solution in the Bathroom: Soft Non-Slip Hand Grips. Expertly crafted by Move Mobility, these stylish and modular grips are designed to fit the contours of your hand and thumb, providing a stable grip even with wet hands. With screw-mounted installation, they can be configured into different lengths, shapes, or angles to suit your needs. Available in two colors, white and grey, and three lengths, 30cm, 60cm, and 90cm, plus a 30cm extension. Trust Move Mobility for a safe and reliable bathroom experience. Maximum user weight: 100kg.

Move Mobility - Keeping Australia Moving


Height: 300 mm
30 cm (11.8 inches) (most common and readily available)
60 cm (23.6 inches) (might be less readily available, check with retailers)
Material: Polypropylene
Maximum User Weight: 100kg