ETAC Flex Grab Rails Modular

ETAC Flex Grab Rails Modular


Size: Screw Mounted 30cm

Screw Mounted 30cm
Adhesive Mounted 60cm
Adhesive Mounted 30cm
Adhesive Mounted, 60cm, Grey
Screw Mounted 60cm

Colour: White


Introducing our Modular Grab Rail System, expertly designed to provide a tailored solution for your bathroom needs. With its thoughtfully shaped and textured surface, this grab rail ensures a secure grip, even when wet, enhancing safety and confidence. The flexibility of our system allows you to connect multiple rails, creating a personalized configuration with desired angles. Choose between screws or adhesive attachment options for easy installation, catering to your preferences and ensuring a secure mount without drilling. Trust Move Mobility for expertly crafted solutions that prioritize your safety and convenience.
Height: 300 mm

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Height: 300 mm

Height: 300 mm
30 cm (11.8 inches) (most common and readily available)
60 cm (23.6 inches) (might be less readily available, check with retailers)