ETAC Star Standard Air Cell Cushion

ETAC Star Standard Air Cell Cushion

SKU: NC0909-1

Size: 26x26x10 cm

26x26x10 cm
Short, 26x26x5 cm
Short, 26x30x5 cm
Short, 26x34x5 cm
Short, 30x26x5 cm
Short, 30x30x5 cm
Short, 30x34x5 cm
Short, 30x39x5 cm
Short, 34x26x5 cm
Short, 34x34x5 cm
Short, 34x39x5 cm
Short, 34x44x5 cm
Short, 39x30x5 cm
Short, 39x34x5 cm
Short, 39x39x5 cm
Short, 39x44x5 cm
Short, 39x49x5 cm
Short, 39x53x5 cm
Short, 44x34x5 cm
Short, 44x39x5 cm
Short, 44x44x5 cm
Short, 44x49x5 cm
Short, 44x53x5 cm
Short, 49x39x5 cm
Short, 49x44x5 cm
Short, 49x49x5 cm
Short, 49x53x5 cm
Short, 53x39x5 cm
Short, 53x44x5 cm
Short, 53x49x5 cm
Short, 53x53x5 cm
26x30x10 cm
26x34x10 cm
30x26x10 cm
30x30x10 cm
30x34x10 cm
30x39x10 cm
34x26x10 cm
34x30x10 cm
34x34x10 cm
34x39x10 cm
34x44x10 cm
39x30x10 cm
39x34x10 cm
39x39x10 cm
39x44x10 cm
39x49x10 cm
39x53x10 cm
44x34x10 cm
44x39x10 cm
44x44x10 cm
44x49x10 cm
44x53x10 cm
49x39x10 cm
49x44x10 cm
49x49x10 cm
49x53x10 cm
53x39x10 cm
53x44x10 cm
53x49x10 cm
53x53x10 cm
Short34x30x5 cm

Easy Cleaning for Cushion: Keep your cushion clean and fresh with our easy cleaning tips. Handwash it with soap, baking soda, or vinegar for regular maintenance. For a thorough disinfection, use a 70% alcohol-based disinfectant solution. You can also machine wash it for a quick 10-minute cycle at a maximum temperature of 40°C. Trust Move Mobility to provide you with hassle-free cleaning solutions for your cushion.

Cover Maintenance: At Move Mobility, we understand the importance of maintaining your cushion cover. Our machine washable covers can be easily cleaned in warm water with a maximum temperature of 60°C. Remember not to bleach the cover. After washing, rinse it in cold water and either line dry or machine dry at a low temperature. Count on us to provide you with durable and convenient cover maintenance options. Stay worry-free with Move Mobility.
ARTG Number: 339953
Standards: EN 12182:2012; ISO13485

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ARTG Number: 339953
Standards: EN 12182:2012; ISO13485
The Etac Star Standard Air Cushion is a single-chamber air cell cushion with pressure redistribution qualities. It has the following specifications:
One compartment
Dynamic stability
High levels of immersion
Outstanding pressure redistribution
Single valve inflation
Available in various sizes
Easy handling
Dynamic stability
Interconnected air cell structure
Unrestricted airflow
Fitted cover
Hand pump