ETAC Tasty Glass

ETAC Tasty Glass


Introducing the Tasty Glass, expertly designed by Move Mobility for those with limited grip. Inspired by the shape of a wine glass, it offers both ease of use and comfort. Lift effortlessly with just your thumb and index finger, thanks to the innovative design. The stable foot ensures stability, reducing the risk of spills. With a thick neck for a power grip, it caters to your needs. Lightweight, durable, and dishwasher safe, this practical and elegant glass is perfect for everyday use. Made from high-quality polycarbonate for long-lasting enjoyment.

Move Mobility - Keeping Australia Moving


Capacity: 200 ml (6.76 oz)
Product weight: 75 g (2.65 oz)
Warranty: 5 years
Material: Polycarbonate
Colors: Available in various colors, but specific options might vary depending on the retailer.