FREEDOM Armrest Widening Spacers Set 30mm Or 50mm Kit


Experience enhanced comfort with the EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Arm Rest Expansion Kit. Expertly designed to broaden your personal space, this kit effortlessly extends the gap between armrests from 19 to 21 inches, ensuring a more relaxed journey. Trust in Move Mobility's commitment to your comfort and mobility freedom.
Height: 50 mm


Compatibility: This spacer kit is designed for specific FREEDOM manual wheelchair models. Confirm compatibility with your specific wheelchair model before purchase. Refer to the user manual, contact the manufacturer, or check retailer specifications.
Material: Likely durable plastic (material might be specified as ABS plastic on some retailer websites).
Color: Black (most common)

Two spacer options: Includes two spacer sizes (30mm and 50mm) to offer flexibility in increasing armrest width.
Easy installation: Generally involves attaching the spacers between the existing armrests and the wheelchair frame using screws or brackets (specific installation details may vary depending on the model).
Increased armrest width: Provides additional space and comfort for the user's arms.

Improved comfort and support: Enhances comfort and support for users who find the standard armrest width too narrow.
Promotes better positioning: Can help users achieve a more comfortable and ergonomically correct arm position.
Customization: Offers the option to choose the most suitable widening size (30mm or 50mm) based on individual needs.
Additional Information:

Weight: The exact weight is not readily available, but it's estimated to be around 0.2-0.5 kg (0.4-1.1 lbs) for the entire set, considering the lightweight plastic material.
Warranty: Information may vary depending on the retailer or manufacturer.