FREEDOM Lithium Battery 24000mAh For A09 Chair

FREEDOM Lithium Battery 24000mAh For A09 Chair


Maximize your journey with the Titan Power 20Ah Lithium Batteries designed for the A09 Bariatric Chair. These batteries are expertly crafted to provide enhanced durability and an extended range, ensuring your mobility remains uninterrupted. Move Mobility recognizes the importance of continuous mobility, which is why we provide the option to significantly increase your travel distance by adding extra batteries. Rely on our expertise to help you move further with the confidence that comes from a brand dedicated to prioritizing your freedom.


Product: FREEDOM Lithium Battery 24000mAh
Compatibility: Designed specifically for the FREEDOM A09 Power Wheelchair.

Battery capacity: 24000mAh (milliampere-hours)
Lithium-ion battery: Offers advantages like lighter weight, longer lifespan, and faster charging compared to traditional lead-acid batteries (common in older wheelchairs).
Extended range: Potentially provides a longer range on a single charge compared to batteries with lower capacities. However, the exact range depends on various factors like user weight, terrain, and driving style.
Additional Information:

Weight: Unfortunately, the exact weight is not readily available. Based on similar lithium-ion batteries with comparable capacities used in power wheelchairs, the estimated weight could be around 3-5 kg (6.6-11 lbs).
Voltage: Information not readily available but is likely 24V as it's a common voltage for power wheelchair batteries.
Warranty: Information may vary depending on the retailer or manufacturer.