FREEDOM Wheelchair A07 Lite

FREEDOM A07 Lite Powered Wheelchair


Elevate your mobility experience with the Traveler's Choice Folding Power Chair, which stands out with its seating position compared to its Lite and Premium counterparts. This chair, expertly crafted by Freedom, folds effortlessly in seconds, featuring a one-piece folding design that epitomizes convenience.

It offers an ergonomic curved backrest and an extended footrest with a double hinge for unparalleled comfort. The ambidextrous joystick mount is designed to cater to all users, providing fingertip control for intuitive navigation. When folded, the chair remains exceptionally compact, ensuring it integrates seamlessly into your lifestyle.

The chair is constructed for stability and durability, yet it is astonishingly lightweight, making it the epitome of portable design. The high-performance lithium battery provides a generous 15 km range, which can be extended with an additional battery for longer journeys. Recharging is simple with the included charger, and safety is a top priority with the electromagnetic automatic braking system. The built-in suspension ensures a smooth ride, making the chair ideal for travel. An under-seat travel pouch offers added convenience for carrying personal belongings.

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Freedom Chair complies with Australian Standard: AS 3695.2:2019.
Overall Length: 95 cm
Overall Width: 56cm
Overall Height: 91cm
Range: Up to 15 km
Total weight: 19.5 kg (excluding 1.6 kg battery)
Maximum Load weight: 105 kg
Maximum speed: 7 km/h
Ground clearance: 4.5 cm
Maximum climbing grade: 8 Degrees
Battery Lithium: 24 volt 10 ah
Seat: 41 cm x 43 cm