GOOD GRIPS Weighted Cutlery Bendable Utensils

GOOD GRIPS Weighted Cutlery Bendable Utensils

SKU: PH-PAT-561851

Size: Fork


Discover the "Big-Grip Bendable Weighted Utensils Set," a trio of adaptive eating aids expertly crafted for individuals requiring additional support during meals. Each utensil, from the robust stainless steel fork to the versatile spoon, features a malleable metal shaft, allowing for personalized adjustment to accommodate right or left-handed use. The substantial, cushioned rubber handles ensure a secure, comfortable grip, reflecting Move Mobility's commitment to enhancing the dining experience with thoughtful, ergonomic design. Elevate your daily routine with these indispensable tools, tailored for ease and durability.
600 mm & 800 mm Light aluminium with easy trigger action.

Specify the measurement while ordering.

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600 mm
800 mm
Material: Light aluminium with easy trigger action
Features: Pick up grip has a small magnet for reaching light metal objects
Additional Notes: Specify the measurement (600 mm or 800 mm) while ordering