HOMECRAFT Dual Handle Leg Lifter

HOMECRAFT Dual Handle Leg Lifter


"Expertly Crafted Dual Handle Leg Lifter"

Move Mobility presents the Expertly Crafted Dual Handle Leg Lifter, an indispensable aid for those with reduced leg mobility. This device is meticulously designed to facilitate leg repositioning with ease, whether seated or reclining. Dual handles allow for balanced control using both arms, while the robust central rod ensures unwavering stability. Trust in our expertise for a smoother, more comfortable daily routine.


Height: 86.5 cm
Weight: 110 g
Two Handles:
For users who cannot lift their leg with one hand
Two-handle design provides extra control and safety when moving
Ideal for use on the couch or in a chair where repositioning is needed
Designed to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities