HYDROSENSE Therapeutic Bed Pad

HYDROSENSE Therapeutic Bed Pad


Size: 90cm x 190cm

90cm x 190cm

"HydroSense Temperature-Controlled Bed Pad"

Experience the ultimate comfort with our HydroSense Temperature-Controlled Bed Pad, expertly designed to cool down to 8°C and warm up to 48°C for your ideal sleep environment. Move Mobility's innovative technology ensures a restful night with a whisper-quiet motor and a built-in timer to maintain your perfect temperature without electromagnetic fields. Consuming a mere 80 watts, this eco-friendly choice fits a single bed (190 x 90 cm) and comes with a variety of accessories, including multi-use pads and targeted relief wraps, to cater to your unique needs. Trust in our expertise for a serene and safe slumber.
Width: 900 mm

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Size: 90 x 190cm, designed for use by one person.
Cools to 8°C and heats to 48°C
The machine has night settings and a built-in timer, to prevent chills.
80-Watt power consumption
No electro-magnetic fields
Whisper quiet moto
Available in one size: Single 190 x 90cm
A range of accessories available including small and medium size multi use pads, back and shoulder vest, neck, limb and eye wrap, foot and leg cuff, and lumbar strap