ICARE ACTIVE X Split Queen Topper Pressure

ICARE ACTIVE X Split Queen Topper Pressure


Experience unparalleled comfort with the "Icare ActiveX™ Pressure Care Overlay," your solution for enhanced pressure relief. Expertly crafted to complement your existing mattress, this overlay's heat and pressure sensitivity ensures it contours precisely around pressure points, promoting free blood circulation. Trust in Move Mobility's dedication to your comfort; the ActiveX™ foam adapts responsively to body warmth, ensuring a softer touch where you need it most. Embrace a restful night's sleep, free from discomfort.
Height: 2030 mm
Width: 1070 mm

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Ventilated Side Fabric – The side wall of this overlay cover utilises Vant fabric, a three-dimensional material made of polypropylene that is highly breathable and resistant to bacteria, thereby significantly improving air circulation
SlideSkin™ technology reduces shear with a second membrane, enabling the cover to move or slide with the users movements
Suitable for use on some alternating air mattresses. ActiveX™ Overlays are often used to increase comfort and reduce heat loss when used with alternating air mattresses
Long Single: 2030mm x 900mm x 50mm – Min. 30kg | Max. 215kg
King Single: 2030mm x 1070mm x 50mm – Min. 30kg | Max. 215kg
Short Double: 1900mm x 1350mm x 50mm – Min. 30kg | Max. 215kg
Queen: 2030mm x 1520mm x 50mm – Min. 30kg | Max. 215kg