ICARE Bedstick

ICARE Bedstick


"Easy-Attach Bedside Transfer Rail"

Experience seamless patient transfers with Move Mobility's Easy-Attach Bedside Transfer Rail. Expertly designed in a sleek charcoal color, this versatile aid ensures effortless repositioning and secure support for getting in and out of bed. Its innovative attachment system allows for customizable positioning, catering to individual needs with professional ease. Trust in our commitment to safety and convenience for all your mobility solutions.

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Color: Charcoal [1, 2, 3]
Height: 52 cm (20.4 inches) from the top of the mattress platform [1, 2]
Inside Hook Depth: 10.3 cm (4 inches) [1]
Maximum User Weight: 200kg (440 lbs) [1]
Material: Likely steel with a comfortable grip (not explicitly mentioned but implied) [1, 2, 3]
Attachment: Easy attach system with strong and sturdy clamp-on style brackets [2, 3]. This allows positioning anywhere along the side of the bed for optimal user preference.