ICARE IC100 Static Bed LS

ICARE IC100 Static Bed LS


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Long Single

Discover the "IC100 Static Partner Bed," a robust, hospital-grade companion bed designed to seamlessly integrate with all Icare bed rails and accessories. This steadfast model features a static mattress platform, ensuring a stable and comfortable rest for a partner or caregiver alongside an Icare profiling bed. Move Mobility takes pride in offering durable solutions that cater to the needs of both patients and their loved ones, reflecting our commitment to quality care and support.
Height: 2030 mm
Width: 900 mm

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Dimensions 69 × 59 × 16 cm
Onyx, Stone, Smoke, Silver

Product Specifications
» Safe working load – The max weight limit is 200kg includes any model of Icare mattresses. » Fabric – Hard wearing commercial grade fabric. Vinyl is treated with antibacterial properties and waterproof. » Mattress Surface – Strong metal mesh under mattress allowing increased airflow. » Wheels – large lockable heavy duty swivel castors on each corner. » Fixed base height – 355mm from floor to mattress platform. » Under Bed clearance – 175mm

Long Single, King Single