ICARE IC25 Soft Mattress

ICARE IC25 Soft Mattress


Size: Short Double

Short Double
King Single

Discover unparalleled comfort with the "IC25 Soft Mattress," tailored for those who cherish a plush sleeping surface or spend extended periods in bed. Ideal for the elderly or individuals with a petite frame, this mattress minimizes motion transfer, ensuring a serene night's sleep with minimal partner disturbance. Trust in Move Mobility's expertise to enhance your rest with this superior, pressure-relieving mattress.
Height: 1900 mm
Width: 1350 mm

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Name Total Length Total Width Total Height Safe Working Load
Mattress IC20 – Long Single 2030 mm 900 mm 200 mm 200 kg
Mattress IC20 – King Single 2030 mm 1070 mm 200 mm 200 kg
Mattress IC20 – Queen 2030 mm 1520 mm 200 mm 200 kg
Mattress IC20 – Long Double 2030 mm 1350 mm 200 mm 200 kg