ICARE Over Bed Blanket Cradle

ICARE Over Bed Blanket Cradle


"Comforting Blanket Cradle Support"

At Move Mobility, we understand the importance of comfort and healing in your personal space. Our Comforting Blanket Cradle Support is expertly crafted to alleviate pressure on your lower extremities, ensuring a restful night's sleep. Compatible with all Icare beds (excluding the Icare Companion base), this charcoal-hued accessory is effortlessly attached to your bed base or mattress platform. It moves seamlessly with the mattress, promoting optimal air circulation to maintain skin dryness and protect against irritation from sores or wounds. Trust in Move Mobility for a touch of care in your recovery journey.
Height: 420 mm

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Height: 420 mm Mounting: Easy to mount to the bed base or mattress platform
Height adjustment: Easy height adjustment system
Removable: Removable
Measured from mattress platform: 50 cm to 43 cm
Can be used with: Icare Bed and footboard