ICARE Pillow Suspenders Pair

ICARE Pillow Suspenders Pair


Secure Comfort Pillow Suspenders for Profiling Beds

Experience the ultimate in bedtime convenience with Move Mobility's Secure Comfort Pillow Suspenders. Expertly designed for profiling beds, these suspenders wrap around the bed's metal rail, ensuring your pillows stay in place with a reliable hook and loop system. The robust metal clasps attach effortlessly to any pillow or pillowcase, preventing slippage and enhancing your sleep environment. Suitable for all pillow types, these suspenders are a testament to Move Mobility's commitment to providing easy-to-use, quality solutions for every customer's needs.

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Dimensions: 35 cm minimum, 50 cm maximum
Purpose: For profiling beds
Function: Folds back and secures with a hook and loop around a metal rail on the mattress platform
Fastening: Fastens to pillow or pillowcase using a metal clasp
Material: Made of ActiveX™ material, a high-grade elastic type foam that responds to temperature
Use: Keeps pillows in place throughout the night