ICARE Topper Mattress Overlay Long Single

ICARE Topper Mattress Overlay Long Single


Size: Long Single

Long Single

"Experience Enhanced Comfort with the Icare Pressure Care Mattress Overlay"

Elevate your sleep with Move Mobility's Icare Pressure Care Mattress Overlay, expertly crafted to augment your existing mattress with superior pressure relief. Our ActiveX™ technology, a premium elastic foam, intuitively softens with warmth, ensuring optimal circulation around pressure points. Trust in our dedication to your comfort and mobility needs.
Height: 2030 mm
Width: 900 mm

Move Mobility - Keeping Australia Moving


Size: 2030 x 900 mm
Depth: 50 mm
Maximum user weight: 215 kg
Width: 900 mm
Thickness: 5 cm
Material: Visco-elastic memory foam
Cover: Washable, 2-way stretch zip off