ICARE Topper Pressure Relief Overlay LS

ICARE Topper Pressure Relief Overlay LS


Size: Long Single

Long Single

Experience the pinnacle of comfort with the Icare ActiveFloat™ Overlay. Expertly crafted with cutting-edge, highly elastic materials, this overlay promotes air circulation and minimizes shear, providing unparalleled pressure relief. Trust in Move Mobility's dedication to quality and innovation for a restorative and peaceful rest.
Height: 2030 mm
Width: 900 mm

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Minimum weight: 30 kg (66 lbs)
Maximum weight: 215 kg (474 lbs)
Depth: 5 cm (1.9 in)
Size: Single: 1900 x 900 mm, double: 1900 x 1350 mm, long single: 2030 x 900 mm, queen: 2030 x 1520 mm, king single: 2030 x 1070 mm
Warranty: 5 years