ICARE XP Support Short Double Topper

ICARE XP Support Short Double Topper


"Enhance Comfort & Safety Overlay"

Discover the ultimate comfort and safety solution with our Enhance Comfort & Safety Overlay. Expertly designed to cater to diverse needs, this versatile overlay offers exceptional pressure relief and a cooler sleep environment. Ideal as a supportive underlay, it prevents 'bottoming out' and reinforces existing mattresses for improved mobility and easier transfers. Additionally, it serves as a protective crash mat, minimizing the risk of bedside falls. Trust in Move Mobility's expertise to elevate your comfort and peace of mind.

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Weight: 50mm depth
Minimum weight: 30kg
Maximum weight: 215kg
Size: Short double: 1900mm, 1350mm, 50mm
Material: High-density open cell XP Support foam
Warranty: 5-year warranty