ICARE XP Support Single Topper

ICARE XP Support Single Topper


XP Support Overlay for Alternating Air Mattresses

Enhance your comfort and safety with the XP Support Overlay, expertly designed by Move Mobility to complement alternating air mattresses. Ideal for use on profiling beds, this overlay ensures that even as bed positions shift and air pressure varies, you're protected from the hard bars or mesh beneath. Our commitment to preventing pressure sores and injuries is woven into every fiber of this essential aid, offering peace of mind and uninterrupted support. Trust in our expertise to elevate your care experience.
Height: 1900 mm
Width: 900 mm

Move Mobility - Keeping Australia Moving


Single: 1900 x 900mm
Long Single: 2030 x 900mm
King Single: 2030 x 1070mm
Long Double: 2030 x 1350mm

Icare Medical Group Australia
XP Support Firm Overlay - Icare Medical Group Australia

Move Mobility
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Buy the ICARE XP Support Single Topper from Move Mobility, the leading provider of mobility equipment in Australia. NDIS and DVA approved. Ship across Australia.
The overlay can be used as:
An underlay to prevent bottoming out and add support
To make an existing mattress firmer, which can help with mobility and transfers
A crash mat to reduce the risk of injury
The XP Support foam is a high-density foam that is used in the bottom layer of the IC15. It is an open cell material that breathes to allow air circulation but is high density to prevent bottoming out.
Mattress topper for pressure relief
Medical mattress topper
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