ICON Advantiflex Classic Cover Pressure Care Mattress

ICON Advantiflex Classic Cover Pressure Care Mattress


Size: Queen Soft,20cm,

Queen Soft,20cm,

Colour: Blue Cover

Blue Cover

1. Customizable Pressure Care Mattress
Experience personalized comfort with our Customizable Pressure Care Mattress, designed to cater to low-medium pressure care needs. Choose from soft, medium, or firm options to ensure your rest is both supportive and soothing. Our Australian-made mattresses can be tailored to fit any bed brand, showcasing Move Mobility's commitment to quality and customization.

2. Adaptive Comfort Mattress with Cover Options
Our Adaptive Comfort Mattress offers a bespoke sleeping solution with a choice of waterproof or luxury quilted covers. Expertly crafted to accommodate varying comfort preferences, this mattress is a testament to Move Mobility's dedication to providing superior products that enhance your rest and recovery.

3. Personalized Height Pressure Care Mattress
Elevate your sleep with our Personalized Height Pressure Care Mattress, available in 15cm or 20cm options. Each height is designed with unique benefits, detailed in our brochure, to meet your specific needs. Move Mobility's expertise ensures that you receive a mattress that not only fits your bed but also your lifestyle.

4. Enhanced Support Mattress with Transfer Sides
The Enhanced Support Mattress with Transfer Sides is engineered for stability and ease of mobility. Its integrated strengthened sides facilitate safer transfers, reflecting Move Mobility's focus on safety and independence. This mattress is a prime example of our dedication to innovative solutions for everyday comfort and support.

5. Tailored Australian-Made Mattress
Discover the ultimate in customization with our Tailored Australian-Made Mattress. Proudly crafted to suit any bed brand, this mattress exemplifies Move Mobility's expertise in creating products that conform to your unique needs. Embrace the comfort of a mattress that's as individual as you are.
Height: 1980 mm
Width: 1520 mm

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Height: 1980 mm
Width: 1520 mm