ICON Maxx IM1 Bariatric Bed

ICON Maxx IM1 Bariatric Mattress


Size: Long King Single (350kg)

Long King Single (350kg)
Long Split Queen (350kg)
King Single (350kg)
Long Double (350kg)
Long Single (350kg)
Split Queen (350kg)
Long Queen (350kg)
Double (350kg)
Single (350kg)
Queen (350kg)

Colour: Blue Cover

Blue Cover

1. Bariatric Support Master: Tailored for Low-Medium Risk Clients
Move Mobility presents the Bariatric Support Master, expertly crafted for individuals requiring low to medium risk support. Our Australian-made solution accommodates up to 350kg, ensuring robust reliability. With the added convenience of custom fitting for any bed brand, this product exemplifies our commitment to personalized care and quality.

2. Heavy-Duty Comfort Plus: 350kg Weight Capacity
Experience unparalleled support with Move Mobility's Heavy-Duty Comfort Plus. Designed to confidently support up to 350kg, this mobility aid is a testament to our dedication to inclusivity and strength. Australian craftsmanship allows for seamless customization, aligning with our promise to deliver expert solutions for diverse needs.

3. Reinforced Transfer Ease: Integrated Strengthened Sides
Move Mobility introduces the Reinforced Transfer Ease, featuring integrated strengthened transfer sides for added security. Our Australian-made innovation supports seamless transitions, reflecting our expertise in creating safe and reliable mobility solutions. Tailored customization options underscore our customer-centric approach to mobility aid excellence.

4. Custom Fit Bariatric Solution: Australian-Made Versatility
The Custom Fit Bariatric Solution by Move Mobility redefines adaptability in mobility aids. Proudly Australian-made, this product is engineered to merge seamlessly with any bed brand, offering up to 350kg of weight capacity. Our expertise shines in providing a bespoke fit for every individual, ensuring comfort and confidence in every use.
Height: 2030 mm
Width: 1050 mm

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The Icon Maxx 500kg mattress is a 4-layered static foam bariatric mattress with firm hinged strengthened sides, segmented base and Advantiflex Classic pressure care cover. The Icon Maxx 500kg is a high performance mattress suited to clients between 120-500kg with a medium risk of pressure injuries. This therapeutic weight loading is achieved through a 20cm premium specification and grading of pressure redistributing, comfort, supportive and foundational foam grades. The base two foam layers are split into three segments to allow the firm mattress to contour effective on a profiling bed. The Advantiflex Classic cover on the Icon Maxx is supplied with an extra heavy PVC base to provide additional durability. The Icon Maxx 500kg is the fitting choice for bariatric clients looking to achieve comfort, longevity and effective patient care.