INTELCLEAN Air 9000 Bidet System

INTELCLEAN Air 9000 Bidet System Elongated


Elevate your personal care routine with the InteliClean Advanced Bidet System, expertly crafted for the Australian market. Move Mobility takes pride in offering this pinnacle of hygiene technology, boasting unique features that set it apart from the competition. Experience unparalleled cleanliness with our exclusive, intelligent design that ensures your comfort and well-being.
Remote Control All functions are managed from an easy to use, intuitive touch screen remote control which can be handheld or mounted on the wall.
Mini Side Control Puts some functions in a mini pad on the side of the seat – Power, Rear Cleansing & Nozzle Cleansing
Oscillate / Move Moves the nozzle forward and backward in a rhythmic action for a more thorough cleansing and stimulating wash.
Pulse The water sprays in a rhythmic pulsating action for a soothing stimulating wash.
Enema A pencil thin stream of soft aerated water is ideal for constipation. Use while trying to pass a bowel movement for the best results.
Child The child function reduces the pressure of the water to 50%.
Deodoriser Removes bad odours by sucking the air out from the bowl through a charcoal block neutralising any smells. Activated by the seat sensor being activated.
Standard Features Heated Dryer
Blows warm air to gently dry you after a wash and offers 5 temperature settings.
Heated Seat
When sitting on the seat it will warm up to the desired temperature and offers 4 different temperature options (no heat + 3 heat settings).
Heated Water Cleanses with warm water and offers 4 temperature settings (no heat + 3 heat settings) and 5 water pressure settings.
Rear Cleansing
This function is for washing the bottom area only.
Feminine Cleanse
This feature is exclusively for women, to use for their vaginal area.
Fast Heating
When a user activates the seat sensor the water begins to warm up. When the user presses a wash button the water is at the desired temperature before entering the nozzles.
This bidet comes with a single hardened Stainless Steel Nozzle. This decreases soiling and bacterial growth whilst improving hygiene.
Nozzle Position Adjust
The nozzle is adjustable to 5 different positions and should be adjusted to the correct position for washing.
Self Cleansing Nozzles
Before and after each use of the nozzle, they automatically clean themselves to avoid cross contamination. There is also an additional manual button if they require additional cleaning.
Seat Sensor
The moisture activated seat sensor is incorporated in the design to ensure that the bidet or automatic flushing functions can not be activated unless the seat is occupied. The seat sensor is located between 3 & 5 clock on the toilet seat.
Soft Close Seat
& Lid
Hydraulic dampers installed at the hinges allow the seat and lid to close softly.
The Bidet is made with antibacterial plastic to ensure the highest degree of hygiene & cleanliness.
Power Saving
The Bidet senses when it is not occupied and will automatically go into power save mode. This function can be turned off and on.
Water Saving
An average wash uses about a tea cup or two of water.
Quick Release
This bidet has a quick release base plate on the bottom of the bidet to enable this bidet to be fitted to toilets that have access to seat bolts and toilets that are fully concealed. With the press of 1 or 2 buttons you can slide the bidet toward the front of the toilet for easy removal.

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Filter: Dual Filtration System

Nozzle: 3 Spray tip, Stainless steel shaft

Dimensions (WxHxD MM) Standard: 400x165x500

Dimensions (WxHxD MM) Elongated: 400x165x526

Net weight: 8.5kg

Power Rating: AC 230V | 50/60Hz | 1470W

Sterilization: MF Filter & EM Ceramic