KI MOBILITY Catalyst 5Vx Folding Wheelchair


Ki Mobility's Catalyst folding wheelchair range has indeed transformed the landscape of ultra-lightweight folding wheelchairs. The Catalyst 5, in particular, stands out as a premier choice in the realm of high-performance folding wheelchairs. Crafted from ultra-lightweight 7000 series aluminum, the Catalyst 5 offers a remarkable blend of durability, strength, and portability.

The Catalyst 5 is renowned for its extensive selection of customization options, allowing users to tailor their wheelchair to their unique needs and preferences. From seat dimensions to frame color, users have the flexibility to configure their chair to suit their individual requirements.

With its lightweight construction, the Catalyst 5 is ideal for users who prioritize maneuverability and ease of transport. Whether navigating busy streets or traveling long distances, this wheelchair offers unparalleled convenience and freedom of movement.

In summary, the Ki Mobility Catalyst 5 redefines what is possible in the realm of folding wheelchairs. With its ultra-lightweight design, customizable features, and exceptional performance, the Catalyst 5 stands as a testament to Ki Mobility's commitment to innovation and quality in mobility solutions.


Frame Material: Aluminium
Weight Capacity:
Standard Frame: 136 kg
Heavy Duty Frame: 158 kg
Transport Weight: 5.8 kg (based on 40.64 cm x 40.64 cm frame, 12.7 cm x 2.54 cm poly castors, swing away arms; footrest and rear wheels omitted)
Standard Weight: 10.43 kg
Seat Width: 36 cm to 56 cm
Seat Depth: 36 cm to 51 cm
Front Seat Height: 34 cm to 53 cm
Rear Seat Height: 29 cm to 50 cm
Camber: 0°, 2°, 4°
Top Frame Tubing Size: 2.54 cm
Bottom Frame Tubing Size: 3.18 cm
ANSI RESNA WC-19 Transit Approved: Yes