OTTOBOCK Kidevo Paediatric Chair


Style: Mini

Mini T
Prime T

Every product in the kidevo family of wheelchairs is individually crafted for the child who will grow and thrive in it. Featuring easy handling and a wide range of adjustment options, kidevo wheelchairs are fully adjustable as your child grows, and are designed to continually adapt to your child’s changing mobility needs. With custom made seating and back supports, each design delivers the exact support your child needs to achieve effortless mobility and true independence.

Available in a range of eye-catching colours, and with lots of creative customisation options, kidevo wheelchairs are the perfect choice for kids who are discovering their personal style.

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mini and mini.t

Max. user weight: 50 kg
Seat width range: 16 - 32 cm
Seat depth range: 16 - 35 cm
Tilt: -5 to + 40 °(mini.t only)
Drive wheel size: 20, 22 and 24"

prime and prime.t

Max. user weight: 75 kg
Seat width range: 26-50 cm
Seat depth range: 20-50 cm
Tilt: -10 to + 50 °(prime.t only)
Drive wheel size: 22, 24 and 26"