MOBILITY CARE Upgrade Walker Press Down Lever Kit

MOBILITY CARE Upgrade Walker Press Down Lever Kit


Experience enhanced safety with the U-Step Walker with Press-Down Brakes. This model is specifically designed for individuals who find traditional hand brakes challenging, offering an intuitive braking system that activates with a simple downward press. Move Mobility is dedicated to delivering solutions that meet your unique needs, promoting confidence and independence with every step you take.

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Turning Circle: 29 inches.
Item weight with seat: 21 lb.
Weight Capacity: 375 lb.
The Press Down version of the U-Step 2 is for those who find it difficult or who are unable to squeeze a standard hand brake with either hand. Choose Left or Right handle brake. One hand brake operates both sides of the walker. The optional Laser & Sound cueing module is ideal for those with Parkinson’s freezing.

Reverse Braking System: The innovative braking system is easy to use and puts you in complete control. The U-Step will not roll until you lightly squeeze either hand brake. Once you release the hand brake, the unit will stop immediately. This feature is particularly helpful when standing up from a chair because the unit will not roll away from you.

Clinically proven to reduce Parkinson’s freezing and falls. The Laser & Sound cueing module can help get you started, normalize your walking and increase you stride. Press the red button on the module to project a bright laser line on the floor to guide your steps. You can also turn on the sound feature to set a beat pattern for maintaining a steady walking speed.

Please note: This product is non-returnable.