MOJO Off Board Charger Battery Charger

MOJO Off Board Battery Charging Dock


Elevate your Mojo experience with the exclusive Mojo Off-Board Battery Charging Dock, the only charging solution endorsed by Monarch for both the Mojo Auto and Mojo Manual models. Move Mobility, as the mobility experts, understands the importance of convenience and reliability. This essential accessory is designed for seamless integration with your Mojo scooter, ensuring your device is charged and ready to go when you are. It's ideal for effortless overnight charging and promises to keep you moving without interruption. Trust in Move Mobility for all your power needs.


Compatibility: Specifically designed for charging 24V Lithium-ion batteries used in MOJO Auto and MOJO Manual scooters.
Input Voltage: 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz (suitable for most international power grids)
Output Voltage: 24V DC (matches the voltage of the compatible batteries)
Output Current: 1.5A (amps) - This information was found on various online retailers selling the charger.
Charging Indicator Light: Built-in LED light indicates charging status (typically red for charging, green for fully charged).
Lightweight and Compact: Facilitates easy storage and portability.
Safety Features:
Over-charge protection: Prevents the battery from overcharging.
Short-circuit protection: Protects against electrical shorts.
Over-temperature protection: Disables charging if the charger overheats.