ONE TOUCH Jar Opener


Introducing the One-Touch Jar Opener, perfect for those with weak hands or limited mobility. With effortless, one-touch action, this device easily slides on and off jar lids. Our expertly designed opener is powerful enough to tackle even the toughest factory-sealed jars. It fits jar lids ranging from 28 to 100 mm in diameter, and the easy AA battery replacement ensures convenience for our valued customers. Trust Move Mobility for all your mobility aid needs.
ARTG Number:
Australian Standards: N/A

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Material: Typically made from plastic, silicone, or metal with varying weight implications.
Size: Generally compact and lightweight for easy storage and use.
Therefore, the estimated weight of a "ONE TOUCH Jar Opener" could range from 0.05 kg to 0.5 kg (0.1 lbs to 1.1 lbs).