ONE TOUCH Twizzoff Bottle Opener

ONE TOUCH Twizzoff Bottle Opener


Introducing our versatile Screw Cap Opener, designed for both metal and plastic caps. With a jaw size of up to 55mm in diameter, it effortlessly breaks seals and opens caps with a smooth motion. Our expertly crafted opener is easy to use, store, and clean, making it perfect for all users. Say goodbye to struggling with stubborn caps - let Move Mobility help you regain your independence. 


  • Suitable for either metal or plastic screw caps.
  • Suitable for caps up to 55 mm in diameter.
  • Rubber jaws adjust automatically to the lid size, breaks seals, and opens caps with a smooth, effortless motion.
  • Easy to use, store, and clean.
  • Perfect for all users.
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries.

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Handle Length: 95 mm
Overall Length: 142 mm
Min Diameter: 20 mm
Max Diameter: 55 mm
Brand: One Touch