ORTHOMATE Knee Walker Scooter

ORTHOMATE Knee Walker Scooter


Experience the blend of comfort and autonomy with the Orthomate Knee Scooter, expertly crafted by Move Mobility for your lower limb recuperation. Its pneumatic tires ensure a seamless glide across uneven terrains and within the confines of your home. As you navigate the path to healing, the Orthomate offers a dependable and secure alternative to crutches, suitable for both left and right leg injuries. With its intuitive steering and responsive brakes, this scooter epitomizes stability. Tailor the adjustable handlebars and plush knee pad to your stature with ease, no tools necessary. When it's time to store or transport, the Orthomate's foldable steering column simplifies the process, making it a top choice for those seeking a smooth recovery journey.

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Height: 830 mm
Width: 460 mm
Tyres: Pneumatic rubber
Allows for a smoother ride even over rough surfaces
Provides softer cushioning, reducing the stress on your sore limb
Knee pad: Comfortable and adjusts for right or left leg
Adjustability: Height adjustable
Parking Brake: Easy to use parking brake feature
Portability: Folds for transportation and storage
Assembly: No tools required