OTTOBOCK Attendant Control

OTTOBOCK Attendant Control EU15


The Ottobock Attendant Control EU15 is the perfect solution for caregivers or companions who need to take control of a power wheelchair. With Move Mobility's expertise, you can trust that this control is easy to use and reliable.

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Controls forward/backward movement, turning, speed, and stopping.
May have additional buttons for lights, horns, and seat adjustments depending on the specific model of wheelchair or scooter it is paired with.
Operating Range: Typically around 5-10 meters (16-33 feet)
Power Source: Usually rechargeable batteries, though some models may use disposable batteries
Ergonomics: Designed for comfortable and easy use, often with a pistol grip design and large buttons
Safety Features: May have an emergency stop button and other safety features specific to the wheelchair or scooter model