OTTOBOCK Nurmi Neo Walker

Paediatric Nurmi Neo Walker Ottobock


Size: Size 2

Size 2
Size 1
Size 3

The Nurmi Neo is Ottobock's most popular walker (often called a “gait trainer”), designed for everyday use at home, school or on the go, it turns easily and can effortlessly reverse to get out of tight corners. It has the ability to be tailored to your child’s needs and preferences, making the Nurmi Neo a solid solution for kids who can walk but need a little extra support, especially those whose gait is improving and want a walker that will grow with them.
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Weight Capacity
Size 1: 25kg
Size 2: 40kg
Size 3: 55kg

Size 1: 63.5cm
Size 2: 67.945
Size 3: 71.12cm

Turning Diameter
Size 1: 86.36cm
Size 2: 73.66cm
Size 3: 106.68cm